“A grateful mind is a great mind that eventually attracts to it great things.”
— Plato

Dear Friends:

There’s a popular restaurant group here in the Bay Area called “Café Gratitude.” Their mantra is “I am Grateful.” Their menu is a delightful listing of things you can be grateful for: “I am Creative,” “I am Committed” and “I am Worthy,” are just a few. I love going there — the food is delicious, the service great and I always leave feeling better than when I entered… and always feeling grateful. As I sit down to write this, I find myself asking what I’m grateful for this year, and one of the biggest things I’m feeling gratitude for is the incredible community of magicians I am fortunate to be a part of.

At the Magic & Mystery School, we’re always grateful for the wonderful, talented students who come to spend time with us. We’re grateful for all our special guests, starting with Eugene (who is really more family than guest, of course). Our friends Bob Neale, Ross Johnson, Larry Hass, Randy Wolf and so many more that help us with the school always inspire us and make us feel lucky to be associated with them.

And so we thought we’d send this one last Muse Letter of 2009 to tell you, our readers, how grateful we are for you. This past year has seen readership of the Museletter grow beyond the 10,000 mark. That leaves us both grateful and a bit humbled. To think there are 10,000 of you out there who want to read what we have to tell you — well, we’ll continue to do our best to be worthy.

This brings me to a question for all of you. This is something we often ask the students in our classes — but obviously not all of you reading this have been to one of our classes yet. The question is this: “If we could provide one thing, through our classes and events, just for you, what would that thing be?” Let your imagination run wild for a moment. Imagine a million dollar budget, six months to prepare — and all the resources of our magic school and events completely at your disposal. What would you ask for? And please let us know (! I’m sure we’ll get a lot of ideas we can’t do — but you may be surprised at the things we CAN.

Take The Wonderground, for example. Jeff and an amazing crew of artists, magicians, dancers and more revived The Wonderground this past week, putting on an incredible evening of theater, party, dance and fun for an SRO crowd. The evening was described by one attendee as “The best show I’ve ever seen in Las Vegas!” And it was done on a budget of about $500! The photos in this Museletter were all shot last Thursday night at the Wonderground, in case you were wondering. We’ll be doing it again every month on the third Thursday. You can learn more at

That’s just one of the “impossible” things we’ve been able to achieve with the incredible help from our amazing friends. So tell us YOUR dreams, and let’s see if we can make them come true.

Before I wind up, let me leave you with a “New Year’s” thought. Have you made your resolutions? The coming year promises to be an exciting one. The economy is just now beginning to turn. Lots of new green initiatives in the business and technology words are poised to start coming on line. It’s a time for new beginnings. Time to look at your life and ask “Who do I really want to be? What adventures to I want to have? As a magician, what are my highest goals?” We’re all about helping you reach those goals. We love seeing our students make quantum leaps in developing their own creativity, performing skills and businesses. We love seeing you take big chances, unafraid of falling flat on your faces a few times before you soar to the big successes you deserve.

We have a few spots still available for our extended class in January. Perhaps now is the time for YOU to say, “I am committed,” and sign up. Then next year at this time, you can have one more thing to be grateful for — and we’ll have another friend to be grateful for, too!

If that’s not enough incentive, consider this: You’ll be here for the next Wonderground event — which will feature our new friends ArcheDream for Humankind. Click the link ( to see them on video — and come to Vegas in January to see them live!

Jeff, Abbi, Bryce, Eugene… we all send you our best wishes for a magical New Year!

Tobias Beckwith

Winter Wonderland WONDERGROUND!

In a Wonderland they lie,
Dreaming as the days go by,
Dreaming as the summers die:

Ever drifting down the stream —
Lingering in the golden gleam —
Life what is it but a dream?

— epilogue to Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll

Greetings friends,

OK, it’s official, I can now share my magic with you on TWITTER. My twitter name is McBrideMagic. I promise to keep my tweets inspirational, motivational, magical and interesting. One of the lessons I’ve learned on Twitter is how to distill wisdom and compress it into the pure essence…. That reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Bapuji:

“Consider, before you speak, whether it is an improvement upon silence.”

(A thoughtful moment of introspection for you….)

Well, now it’s time to break the silence…. Ring the bells and bang the drum!

The WONDERGROUND rises once again this Thursday, December 17th, at 8pm at The Olive in Las Vegas.

Overheard at The Wonderground:

“This is what I had hoped to find when I came to Vegas!”

“It’s like the Magic Castle without walls!”

“This is so $#@^%*! cool!”

Here is the official press release from Tobias. Feel free to share this with your online communities and friends.


Contact: Tobias Beckwith
(702) 697-7002


Master magician Jeff McBride and his company of conjurors, artists and performance artists will bring the special magical nightclub experience, Jeff McBride’s Magic Wonderground, to the new club at The Olive (3850 E. Sunset) beginning on December 17th, starting at 8pm. Promising an evening of non-stop magic featuring strolling entertainers, close-up magic, live art, techno-tribal belly dance, lighting F/X installations, a psychic sideshow with tarot and palm reading, and a 10pm ‘All Star Stage Show,’ the event is hosted by Jeff McBride and features guest stars of magic from around the world.

Master magician Jeff McBride will be joined at each Wonderground by DJ Master Diaz, the Mojo A Go-Go Girls, the Mystery School Magi, Jordan Wright, Scott Hitchcock, painters Areeya, Suzanne and Minnie, and psychic entertainers Danita and Morganne. The Wonderground will happen only once each month, on every ‘Third Thursday,’ for the coming year. New talent will be featured each month.

Jeff McBride is best known for his dynamic fusion of masks, magic, Kabuki theatre and grand illusion. He has been seen in many Las Vegas venues, including Caesars Palace, LV Hilton, Golden Nugget, and most recently in his own show Magic at the Edge.

Jeff McBride holds three Guinness World Records for magic. He is a popular television guest, with featured performances on shows ranging from The World Magic AwardsMasters of IllusionMindfreak and The World’s Greatest Magic toStar Trek, Deep Space Nine. He runs the McBride Magic & Mystery School, which is widely known as the world’s top magic school.

The Olive is known to its patrons as Las Vegas’ new stylish Mediterranean restaurant and hookah lounge. It has only recently completed its new addition, an amazing nightclub space adjoining the hookah lounge.

During its previous incarnation, McBride’s Wonderground received glowing notices from both the press (Las Vegas Sun, L.A. Times and many others), and also through a unique “as it happens” online video channel at The evening was streamed live, with online viewers able to conduct a running conversation with each other, as well as with performers and club goers. The online link is slated to be an integral part of The Wonderground experience at The Olive, as well. Magic fans who can’t make it to Las Vegas can tune in from anywhere in the world between 8pm and midnight (PST), and attend virtually.

The Las Vegas Sun wrote of The Wonderground, “Walking into Wonderground is like stepping into a parallel universe where mysticism is the currency and magicians reign supreme. Green lasers dart across the dark room and a pair of curvaceous belly dancers perform onstage while a fortuneteller reads Hindu tarot cards and magicians from around the world work the room.”

For further information on Jeff McBride’s Wonderground, now at The Olive, go to, or call the McBride hotline at (702) 450-0021. All events will be broadcast live on

Robin Leach interviewing Jeff at WONDERGROUND. Robin was the very first reporter to mention the WONDERGROUND in his column.

We look forward to seeing you at The Wonderground this week!

Best wishes for a magical holiday season!

Jeff McBride & all the crew at the Magic & Mystery School

December Homecoming

“Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke, or spirit ever answered to, in the strongest conjuration.”
— Charles Dickens

Abbi and I are just home from tour. Ah, it’s good to be home by the fire.

Here’s a little holiday gift I think you’ll enjoy… take the time to look at this. It reminded me what “real magic” is all about. It takes about 10 minutes, so make the time; you’ll be better for it!

Photo of Jeff and his young fan, Eli, at a recent “JEFF MCBRIDE EXPERIENCE” event near Boston, MA

Last month’s Museletter by Tobias generated a huge amount of positive feedback from you, dear readers. Thank you for your comments and contributions to Tobias’ new book.

My question to you this month is: What do you feel the “perfect holiday gift” for your friends might be?

I am not giving people “stuff” this year! I will get my friends delicious food and enriching EXPERIENCES instead.

Shopping for THINGS? Yuck!

Why give a store bought gift, that will sit and collect dust on the shelf? Give the person you love the gift of magic…not a trick but a REAL magic experience! Each of our Master Classes are handcrafted and tailored to your individual needs. Just imagine the joy you will feel when you go downstairs one winter morning and see Eugene Burger, aka “Magic Santa” sitting under your tree! The perfect gift!


We have 2 spots left for the January Master Class
Extended Master Class – Las Vegas
January 18 – 24, 2010

Magic Lovers around the world agree…McBride’s Master class is the holiday gift of choice! Did I mention we have gift certificates? You can get one for a magic loving friend or get one for yourself!

There really is a secret to better magic, and it’s different for everyone. The real magic secrets are not to be found in books or videos. They are passed from mentor to student. Our programs cater to your individual performing style and abilities. You get personal attention from many of the world’s top magicians as you enjoy the wonders of the magic capital of the world!

The next JEFF MCBRIDE EXPERIENCE will be happening in Utah! Make the trip and join the fun!—salt-lake.php
Michael Fraughton: (801) 604-2160

Dec 17th, 8PM until???

The WONDERGROUND premiered a little over a year ago. We’ve taken a few months and found a new home, and a great new home it is! If you can’t make it out for the live show on December 17th, catch us on Read all about it and get the inside scoop here:

We look forward to seeing you at the Wonderground, or one of our upcoming classes. Til then, have a magical holiday!

Yours in creating the world’s most progressive magic events,


The Ways of Wizards

The most good you can do for the world is to become a wizard.
— Deepak Chopra

Dear friends (from Tobias):

As I write, Jeff and the Mystery School Magicians are off to The Magic Castle for our second “Magic & Mystery School Week,” bringing their own special brand of magical mysteries to that iconic home for magic. If you can be in L.A. between November 30 and December 6, be sure and let us know — and drop by to join the festivities!

We’ve just wrapped up our busy fall season of classes and conferences which kicked off with Magic & Meaning, followed by Magic for Medical Professionals, and finally, theMaster Class for Mentalists. These are always three of our favorite events, and this year proved no exception. We had at one point considered making some of these classes every other year events, but both growing attendance and the overall excitement generated have encouraged us, and all three events will be offered again next fall. As a Muse Letter subscriber, you get to see announcements of our newly added classes before they appear to the general magic community in our magazine advertising — so please feel free to go to and register early for next year’s events. If attendance continues to grow as it has this year, they’re likely to be sold out well in advance!

As many of you may be aware, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time thinking about my new book, “Wizards Ways.” It’s about the methods, mind-set and secrets of “real” wizards. The book will combine a series of short teaching stories with advice on wizard techniques readers can use in their own lives — and even a few original tricks that can be used to help the readers created real magic!

Since we who perform magic often present ourselves playing the role of a real wizard, I thought you might find a brief overview of some of the book’s premises to be of interest. First, the question of what it is that makes a wizard a wizard. That is, what is it that sets him or her apart from the rest of the population. Here’s my initial list:

  1. Wizards do extraordinary things.
  2. Wizards love secrets and secret knowledge.
  3. Wizards take responsibility.
  4. Wizards love role-playing & disguises.
  5. Wizards know they can change the world by changing themselves.
  6. Wizards love to work the web, or, in the parlance of the Indian mystics, ‘Indra’s Net.’
  7. Wizards are fascinated by underlying patterns.
  8. Wizards are willing to pay extraordinary prices for their powers & knowledge.
  9. Wizards find hidden connections and exploit them.
  10. Wizards know that perception creates reality, and learn to manipulate perceptions.
  11. Wizards seek visions.
  12. Wizards collect extraordinary experiences the way other folks collect stamps! (This last was added by Jeff).

And so, my question to you: What else can you think of that really sets wizards apart from the rest of us? What can you or I, or anyone who wishes to become a real wizard, do that will help them become ‘the real thing?’ Feel free to e-mail me with answers:

With the gift-giving (and getting) season fast upon us, I suppose I should tell you just a bit about some of our more recent offerings at our online shop:

First and foremost, we have the most recent creation/ collaboration between Jeff & Alan Wong: “Butterfly Blizzard.” Jeff has been performing his own special version of the Butterflies for many years — but only now tips his personal secrets for the routine – expanded here to make use of Alan’s beautiful butterfly blizzard effect. The package includes everything you need to get started with your own version of the effect: Beautiful Chinese Fan, DVD instructions, special thread required for the effect, and a dozen butterfly snowstorms. You can view the video for this effect by clicking here (

We also have two new books by one of our favorite authors, Robert E. Neale: “Magic Matters,” and the recently expanded and re-released “Magic & Meaning,” by Bob and Eugene Burger. In addition, I’m pleased to announce I’ve just upgraded and updated my “Get Your Career in Gear” 12 week course teaching you how to manage and promote your own business as a magician. Of course, we continue to carry the full McBride / Burger / Johnny Thompson line of incredible books, DVD’s and magic effects.