Magical October

“Last Halloween a kid tried to rip my face off. He thought it was a mask. Now it’s different when I open the door the kids hand me candy.”–Rodney Dangerfield

Greetings Magical Friends and Family,

October is one of my favoriteEarly Inspiration for Jeff's Mask Act months. It’s the time of myths, monsters and mayhem. I grew up in a little town in upstate New York, called Rock Hill. Halloween was my favorite holiday. I remember, as a pre-teen, prowling around the streets in my werewolf costume, banging on neighbor’s windows and scaring the nightlights out of them. All this mayhem wreaked on my unsuspecting neighbors, weeks before Halloween came around. Yes, Lon Chaney was my hero.

My sisters got the worst of it. I remember when my older sister, Donna, had just come home from watching the horror movie The Exorcist. I dressed up like a monster and hid in her closet, and just before she fell asleep, I started scratching on the walls, rousing her from her slumber, and when she rose to investigate the sound, I leapt, screaming, as only a prepubescent wolf-boy can do.


Yep, she still hates me. Since then, I have channeled all of this monstrous energy into more practical endeavors, like this one…

Abbi and I will be hosting the annual Las Vegas Witches and Wizard’s Ball. All the information is online at

Jeff's masks today...Next time you’re in Las Vegas…

Private Sessions
If you are interested in scheduling a private session here at the McBride House of Mystery, please contact Abbi at 702 450-0021 and she will assist you. (She’s an excellent assistant, and a terrific wife…)

Magic for Medical Professionals
We’re really excited to be hosting doctors and other medical professionals from around the world for our third annual Magic for Medical Professionals Conference. We will explore the art of magic from the shaman to the showman, and the connection between the magician and the healer.

Have a monstrously fun Halloween!

From your favorite wolf-boy magician,


NOTE: We have several new videos on line, including a new brief trailer for “Jeff McBride – A Magickal Life.” Check it out at

Exploring Magic and Meaning

“The word ‘magic’ is out of fashion, though its spirit was never more widely diffused than at the present time. Thanks to the gradual debasement of the verbal currency, it suggests to the ordinary reader the production of optical illusions and other parlour tricks. It has dragged with it, in its fall, the terrific verb, to ‘conjure,’ which, forgetting that it once undertook to compel the spirits of men and angels, is now content to produce rabbits from top hats.”
— Evelyn Underhill, Mysticism

Greetings all,

Putting meaning back into magic is very important to me. So much so, that I put a great deal of energy into creating events that will, hopefully, elevate the art of magic. This month, I am proud to be hosting our Mystery School reunion, that we call The Magic and Meaning Conference.

Our special guests this year will include:

Internationally acclaimed modern mage and corporate alchemist George Parker, who will teach us how to infuse our magic with powerful metaphors that relate to the business and corporate world. George has an unusual ability to empower his audiences with his philosophy of life and magic.

Dr. Lawrence Hass, award-winning author who is currently writing a monthly “Theory and Art of Magic” column for MAGIC magazine. He is the author of a brand new book, Transformations, and will be presenting “Heidegger & The Experimental Roots of Magic.” It will be a thought-provoking and discussion generating talk.

From the UK, Jon Randall, editor of Pentacle magazine, the UK’s leading independent Pagan magazine — will be presenting FRAUD! An expose of fraudulent mediums and sham psychics.

Tobias Beckwith has just finished his new book, Beyond Deception, and will be presenting a workshop based on its extraordinary content.

Also, Father Daniel Rolland and many of the Mystery School alumni will be on hand. Of course, Eugene Burger, Dean of the Magic and Mystery School and author of Magic & Meaning, one of my favorite and most-recommended books, will be joining us.

To read more about Magic and Meaning, please go to:

Master Class for Mentalists
… is sold out, and there is a waiting list for next year. Thank you Tobias, Abbi, Eugene, and Ross Johnson for hosting yet another great magical adventure.

Other Events in Las Vegas
Our good friend Sheila Z, is an accomplished author, teacher and spiritual life coach. Sheila’s energy and angelic presence touches everyone around her. She is coordinating the Intentional Wellness Conference on October 20th. If you’re interested in creating opportunities for wellness and health in every area of your life, check out this link for more information:

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Wolf-boy Jeff returns!!

Enjoy the Fall…

Jeff & Abbi

For those of you that are interested in ritual fire magick, check out Fall Fest at in the events section, or take a look at this clip


First, let us make a correction: In a previous Museletter, we listed Michael Carbonaro as one of the magicians who helped us entertain audiences before the shows at Trump Marina in Atlantic City. While Michael is a good friend and terrific performer — he wasn’t there. It was MARK Carbonaro, who was in town for the master class that week. Thanks to Mark!

Further: I’m excited. My book Beyond Deception: The Theory and Technique of Creating Original Magic, is at the printers, and we’re putting it up on the web site this week for special “pre-orders.” I’ll be signing each copy that is pre-ordered with a personal note to each person who has ordered that way. Although all copies of the book bought through our site will be signed, only those pre-ordered will get the personalized signing. I expect to be shipping by December 1st. Many thanks to Jeff, Eugene, Bob Fitch and all the others who have helped me make this book the best it can be! We’ll include a short excerpt from the book in an upcoming Museletter.

Wishing you all a magical October!