TV News and New York City

Greetings, friends! This is Tobias writing in Jeff’s absence, in a bit of a hurry, because we have lots of news in, and it’s time sensitive:

We’ve just heard from Criss Angel that Jeff will be featured on the premiere evening of this year’s “Mindfreak” on A&E, on an episode airing at 10:30pm on May 31st (check local listings…it’s the second of a double-header). Jeff performs a surreal version of his popular mask-magic piece “Transformation.” Later in the series, Jeff will be featured in two more segments, and we’ll do our best to let you know when they’ll be on.

“The Mindfreak shoot was one of the more challenging I’ve been on,” said Jeff in a recent interview. “We shot in a dry lake bed outside Las Vegas, and while we were shooting there were 40 mile per hour winds gusting through the set. It was all I could do to keep the masks from flying away. If it weren’t for my years of performing in similar situations at the Burning Man festival, I don’t think it would have worked. Fortunately, what we ended up getting on tape was really spectacular.”

JUST IN: JEFF AND ABBI WILL APPEAR AT THE FANSTASMA STORE IN NEW YORK CITY ON JUNE 10 AND 11. THIS IS HIS ONLY SCHEDULED NEW YORK AREA APPEARANCE OF THE YEAR. Saturday will feature a commando-style show and lecture, and one Sunday, Jeff will conduct one of his “no-holds-barred” one-day master class workshops for up to 20 people. He is performing a similar event in Baltimore earlier the sane week, which sold out in two days! Contact Fantasma at (212) 924-8345 or by e-mail at: for more information.

More TV news: Jeff is featured in a couple of other upcoming video projects, as well. We’ve just received a DVD of the “Las Vegas” episode of Franz Harary’s “Magical Planet,” which features Jeff’s full Kabuki suite. My understanding is that the show hasn’t yet be sold in the U.S., but that talks are under way. We hope it is sold soon so you all can get to see this terrific footage for yourselves.

Finally: Our friend Donald Zuckerbrot is in the final stages of editing his one hour special “Real Magic” for the Enigma series on Canada’s Vision Network. “Real Magic” is all about – guess who? Our most magical of magician friends, Jeff McBride! The documentary is set to air in Canada “mid-year” – we don’t have anything firmer than that at this point – across Canada. We’re talking with them now about being able to sell copies of the show in DVD format from our web site as soon as it has aired for the first time in Canada. Donald was here earlier this year, and shot lots of amazing footage. We’ll be interested to see what parts actually made it in once he cuts it down to an hour special!

Beyond the television projects, things are going strong at the McBride Magic & Mystery School. Our Extended Master Class in July is sold out, and the one in August is filling up quickly. After the great response we had after the first few of these extended classes, and always building on what we’ve learned, we’re expecting these classes to be our “best ever.”

In the fall we have three really exciting events, one of which is brand new for us: The first is the “Magic & Meaning” conference with special guest Robert Neale. This conference, in many ways, carries on the traditions of The Mystery School, which we haven’t done for several years now. The focus on the underlying meaning and reasons for doing our magic, on building our connections with our fellow magicians, and on a somehow deeper exploration of magic and what it means to be a magician all make this a truly special event.

Following Magic & Meaning we will have our second annual “Magic for Medical Professionals.” The response to this class last year was strong, and we learned a lot. We expect this year’s class, featuring special guest Dr. Jay Ungar, to be an even bigger success, with lots more hands on magic and applications for using magic in your practices. Finally, we’ve just added “21st Century Mentalism,” with special guest Ross Johnson. This is the one I’m personally looking forward to most, as I have a long and abiding interest in mental magic.

I’ve really only touched on what’s happening here – please go to to learn all about each of the new classes.

Thanks for bearing with me for all the news while Jeff is away in Austria.

Best wishes.
Tobias Beckwith

Temecula, May Fire and East Coast Events

“Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it.” -David Starr Jordan

Greetings friends,

Just after returning home, we went to Temecula, California, where Dell Lawrence and the “Jeff McBride Ring” of the local I.B.M. arranged for us to come do a show, a lecture and a Master Class. We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed spending a couple of days in the lake house with Dell and his family. It took us about six hours to drive there, and we enjoyed seeing the mountains and all the beauty along the way. Magic, by its very nature, happens only in the present moment, and is a constant reminder to us to savor each and every moment, whether we’re on the road, or in the comfort of our own home.

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it”. – George Moore

We’ve gotten many responses to our photo question from the last Museletter, where we showed you a photo and asked you to tell us what it was.Jeff and Eugene at the Witch Museum in Boscastle

The answer is:

This was a photo of Jeff and Eugene in front of the witchcraft museum in Boscastle, UK. Jeff had just mentioned to Eugene that one day his magic beard should be on permanent exhibit in the museum showcase. 😉

We have just added a few very special events, shows and workshops to our East Coast tour and you can see us soon at one of these events.

East Coast – Baltimore:

If you’re going to be in the Baltimore area, be sure to come join us for an unforgettable couple of days as we explore the Commando side of magic. Learn how to bring your magic anywhere, anytime, and amaze and delight all those you come into contact with. Becoming a magician twenty four hours a day, seven days a week is a sure way to take your magic to the next level of excellence! Join us for an exciting, informative time in BALTIMORE!!

Jeff McBride: “THE MAGIC-COMMANDO” Show and Lecture
June 6th from 7:30pm-9:30pmFriends at Stonehenge

Jeff will also be doing one of his “one day” Master Class workshops. This is a unique event that those of you who cannot get to Vegas this time of year will love to attend. It is a “No Holds Barred,” hands-on teaching event where Jeff gives personal attention to your questions and magical needs.

Limited to 20 students
June 7th, 7:00pm-11:00pm
All events will be held at the
325 South Marlyn Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21221
for ticket information call Denny at:
(410) 686-3914

Jeff McBride IN NYC
Fantasma June 10-11
A shout out to all our NYC friends! We’ll be coming to New York City for a show-lecture and Master Class at the new FANTASMA STORE. This event will be an exceptional occasion, and we expect to sell all the spaces quickly. Be sure to contact Roger Dryer at Fantasma to get your seats now!!
Tel: (212) 924-8345

JUNE 10 from 7pm – 9:30pm
2 hours of magic

JUNE 11TH Noon – 5pm
limited to 20 students
5 hours

Fantasma address:
421 Seventh Avenue, 2nd floor,
New York, NY 10001
Tel: 212.924.8345

Fire, Magic, and Love!

This week, Jeff and I are camping with 100 of our closest friends at our May Fire Gathering in the Valley of Fire State Park. We are planning to do many fire circle events this year and you can find out more at

We will continue our fire festival tour to the east coast for FIRESRISING.

Next week we are on retreat in Sedona, AZ, filling up our magical batteries for the tours ahead. We’re looking forward to having a couple of days of rest and relaxation. We’ve been hearing good things about Sedona for years, and are excited to have the chance to go there!

When we return, Jeff is off to Austria for Magic Mania where he will do a Master Class.

We hope to see you on the road on our spring tour!

Love and magic to you all,
Abbi and Jeff McBride

McBride Weekend in Temecula, Stonehenge and more

Hi, folks! Tobias here. Summer finally seems to be arriving hereJeff & Eugene at Stonehenge at dawn in Las Vegas, and we have lots of exciting things coming up.

Jeff has just returned from a week in Cornwall, where the class and show he and Eugene did were so successful we’re already making plans to go back next year. He’ll tell you more about it in another Museletter next week. For now, enjoy the photographs of Jeff & Eugene at Stonehenge!

Following the adventures in Cornwall, Jeff and Eugene traveled on to their annual visit in Amsterdam, where they performed several shows with George Parker – one a full day event for the police department – and then conducted this year’s Amsterdam class. Again…we’re already planning for next year. In addition, we’re beginning to look for ways to bring the Jeff, Eugene & George Parker full day “magic & creativity” event to the U.S. More on that soon.

Following Amsterdam, Eugene headed home, and Jeff was off to Egypt for a week long magic cruise from Alexandria to Rome. Home for just one day after the tour, Jeff headed off for his yearly stint directing former master class student Nick Norton in his summer extravaganza at the Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho.

Sunrise at StonehengeNow we’re preparing for a “McBride Weekend” sponsored by the Jeff McBride Ring of the I.B.M. in Temecula, California. The weekend kicks off (Saturday, May 6) with a show and lecture at the Old Town Temecula Community Theatre. The show will be the full evening “Magic UnMasked” starring Jeff and featuring Abbi Spinner McBride, and will be followed by a “for magicians only” lecture in the theatre. We understand seats are nearly sold out for the show, so if you’re in Southern California and want to come out for one of the most exciting magic shows on the planet.

On Sunday following the show (May 7) Jeff will conduct a special “Secret Session” intensive workshop – a kind of “Mini-Master Class” for a select group of local magicians. The “Secret Sessions” include much of what we do at the master classes – hands on work on acts performed by several attendees, special exercises in creativity, lectures, and lots of one-on-one work with Jeff, tailored specifically to the requests of the students. If you’ve always thought you might like to attend a master class, but weren’t quite prepared to shell out the full tuition or the costs of a weekend in Las Vegas, this is a great way to try one out for a small fraction of the investment. Our reports are that there are still slots available for this class, so if you’re interested, please click here and sign up for the class.

Which reminds me: We have only one slot still available for our July extended session Master Class, but we still have several available for August. We tried the extended session format last July for the first time, and it’s proved to be a most successful addition to our line-up. With visits to see Lance Burton and Mac King’s shows, then spend time with Lance and Mac for questions and answers has been a great addition to the student’s hands on sessions back and Jeff’s “House of Mystery.” If you’re interested in learning more, just click here:

We’ll have lots more news for you soon: Jeff’s report on his European travels, wiht more photos, some exciting news about this fall’s “Magic & Meaning” conference, special information regarding this year’s follow (and improvement on) last year’s “Magic for Medical Professionals,” and much more.